Photography Classes

Our Photography program, the Art of Seeing, will open up a world of new and wonderful visual experiences for you. Students will learn to see the world through new eyes. Using your camera as the sculptor uses his hammer and chisel or the artist his brush and paints will allow you to explore your creative potential to the fullest.

Online registration is available through the day before your class or workshop begins. To register on the first day of class, or after that, please call the School of Creative Arts directly at 561-243-7922, ext. 317 (Ann) or ext. 478 (Sharon), and we’ll be happy to take care of you!

  • Photography – The Art of Seeing

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      Introduction to Using your Digital Camera

      Fall 2014/Winter 2015, Terms 1-4 If the manual that came with your digital camera is causing more confusion than you care to deal with, fear not. This course is designed to help you become more comfortable and creative with your equipment. This class breaks down the learning process into understandable weekly sessions that include taking


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      Photography on the Move

      Instructor: Irene Hill. For beginner/intermediate. Anxious to get out there and do more shooting? Want to produce more artistic, nuanced images? In this course for beginner and intermediate students, we will alternate classroom work on composition and critique with four off-campus photo shoots. Emphasis will be on producing uncluttered, dynamic images using natural light and shadows. Photo shoots may


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      Fine Art Photography / Intermediate

      Fall 2014/Winter 2015, Terms 1-4 Instructor: Irene Hill. Take the next step in your journey to become a more creative photographer. Learn to see as an artist sees. Develop a better sense of light, shadow, shape, and form. Go beyond the basics and begin to compile and edit a body of work. Learn how to


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      Fine Art Photography / Advanced

      Fall 2014/Winter 2015, Terms 1-4 Are you ready to take your photography to a higher level? Open your mind to unlimited creativity and visual interpretation. Learn to express yourself through mastery of the photographic medium. This class draws upon the proven principles of art and design to ignite the student’s imagination. You will challenge yourself


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      Fine Art Photography / Master

      Fall 2014/Winter 2015, Terms 1-4 Instructor: Lee Gordon. This class is for experienced, creative photographers interested in more than camera clubs or limited seminars and workshops. Become a part of South Florida’s most accomplished group of artistic photographers. Meet in a unique environment with fellow enthusiasts while sharing ideas, techniques, and experiences. This ongoing class


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      Creative Fine Art Photography – An Artist’s View

      Instructor: Russell Levine. For all levels. This is a combined class for intermediate, advanced and master photography students. Share, learn and develop your fine art photography composition techniques! Part of our class time will be spent outside taking compositional walks, which will teach us “the art of seeing.” Wednesday 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm / Studio #5


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      Producing a Body of Photographic Work

      Instructor: Bob Neiman. For advanced and master level photographers. As photographers mature in their image making, they begin to identify themes and styles in their work. This process culminates in developing one or more bodies of work. Creating a consistent body of photographic images allows the photographer to more fully explore their ideas and techniques.


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      A Photography Salon for Upper Level Students

      Instructor: Irene Hill. For experienced photographers. This class is designed for creative, experienced photographers who want to elevate their photography to a higher, more nuanced artistic level. The Photography Salon will emphasize imagination and the artful expression of creativity and will include classic as well as conceptual photographers. Discussion and critique will be emphasized as learning tools


  • Digital Imaging

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      Introduction to Adobe Lightroom 5

      Instructor: Lee Gordon. Creating an efficient, color manged digital workflow This class is an introduction to using Adobe Lightroom 5 as a digital asset management application. As photographers, we produce an abundance of images, which need to be organzied, developed, and integrated into an efficient, color managed digital workflow from capture to output. As digital


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      Advanced Class for Adobe Lightroom 5.5

      Instructor: Lee Gordon. Continuing an efficient color managed digital workflow. Completion of the introductory Lightroom 5 class is recommended. This advanced class is a continuation, utilizing an integrated approach to Adobe Lightroom. we will learn how to evaluate and pre-visualize the extensive possibilities for developing raw image files. To gain control over your creative output


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      Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Elements

      Instructor: Bob Schwartzman. This is an introductory course for photography students who want to learn the basic tools for making image corrections, repairing old images, selections, layers, Adobe Camera RAW, color correction, converting color images to black and white, adding and subtracting items in an image, sharpening the photograph, cropping and straightening the image. This


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      Advanced Adobe Photoshop Elements

      Instructor: Bob Schwartzman. This course is designed for photography students who want to learn to use advanced level tools of Photoshop Elements with and emphasis on creating and using LAYERS. Students will also do advanced work in image corrections, selections, Adobe Camera RAW, color correction, converting color images to black and white, adding and subtracting


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      The WOW! Factor

      Instructor: Bob Schwartzman. For all levels. Were you ever shown someone’s art or an item that they created and the fi rst thing that came out of your mouth was WOW? The aim of the class is to help you turn your own “it’s very interesting” or “it’s very nice work” into images that elicit


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      Working the Master Photographic Image

      Instructor: Bob Neiman. For advanced and master level photographers. This will be a demonstration and discussion class for advanced and master level photographers who want to take their image making to the next level. The difference between a good and a great image often depends on how the photographic artist works the global and local